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This past Friday, our IMC@SLC class and a few second year IMC students participated in a field trip to Toronto to tour Bell Media and Fuse Marketing and learn about advertising in Toronto.

The first place we went to was Dundas Square, for a scavenger hunt on advertising. The first thing I noticed was how crowded the square was with ads, it’s almost overwhelming. There were mostly posters in the square, but they were larger than life. A few of these were Tim Horton’s, Cadbury and H&M.

One thing I learned from Toronto, in my personal opinion, is that bigger is not always better. There were giant ads in my face the entire time, but to be honest I couldn’t remember any of them until I went back through my pictures. The ads that caught my eye were the creative ones, like the eco-cab advertising Marshalls.

I took away a few things in relation to marketing from our visit to Fuse Marketing. The first thing I noted was the vast amount of areas or fields in marketing and advertising. Another thing I found significant and quite surprising was how short of a time limit there is to create a pitch or campaign. I was also surprised to learn that if there is a competitive pitch and yours is rejected, you gain no profit, if not lose money.

The last big thing I took away from this trip, were the little things. Similar to my earlier point, bigger is not always better. There are so many ways of advertising that I noticed on the trip, that I otherwise would have never noticed, in fact most people probably don’t notice. For example, Fuse was marketing its own name all over the building. There were water glasses, stress balls, you name it. Same goes for MUCH, which had “Like us on Facebook” written right on the admission bands.

All in all, I believe I took a lot away from this field trip, and it was certainly an enjoyable way to learn.

Spring Break Marketing


Spring break is a huge deal to almost all the age groups. It’s significant to small children, teens in high school, college students, parents, and especially, marketers.

Spring break comes with so much marketing it’s crazy. There are endless vacation deals, sales, promotions, the works. Spring break comes with deals and events for families like discounts on recreation centres, water parks and restaurants. For the average adult without children there are all the store sales. For students, the possibilities expand to halfway across the world, literally. I myself participated this Spring Break in a marketing scheme directed at students and families. I paid $100 to go stay in Niagara Falls at the Ramada Hotel for one night during which we got coupons to several restaurants like Montana’s and IHOP, an arcade, and Mini Putt. In that one March break package deal, there were over ten places marketed to us, not including the enormous coupon book we received, adding to the pile of advertisements thrown at us.

Students love to travel whenever possible, and advertisers, travel companies, hotels and tourist attractions all take advantage of this special week of fun. For families they target spending bonding time together. All students want on their week off school is to forget about their day to day lives and enjoy themselves, get drunk, take pictures, sleep in, make friends, make memories. So to students they target on the “let your hair down” factor, which is exactly what reeled in my friends and I, and thousands, maybe millions of other students.

I enjoyed my march break very much, mostly because I took part in the marketing of Spring break that comes every year. I’m sure that many students experienced regret after spending all their money for a few days of fun, but at least the marketers were successful!

There several things during last weeks field trip which caught my interest. Of the areas we visited, my favourite would have been CKWS Nws station, but what caught my interest most was a picture that caught my eye at Amherst Island Radio.
The photo that I noticed was of my Grandfather, Gord Struthers and my Uncle Dwayne in the recording room at the station. It reminds me and makes me feel proud of the fact that I had never heard things about or been around the CKWS News station, or really listen to the radio stations hosted out of Corus Entertainment, but have listened to CJAI and been to their events. I pride myself on the fact that while I may not know a lot about the popular, big things around, I do know about the little things noone else knows of.

Another thing I found quite interesting was the news room at CKWS News, I didn’t expect there to be so many cameras and I certainly didn’t expect them to not be manned by camera guys. I find it surprising that there are so little employees needed to operate the news room, it’s almost disappointing that there aren’t more people. At Corus Entertainment, I also found it funny and slightly amusing that two radio stations were in rooms next to each other, seeing as technically they are competing. It’s like two gas stations being perfectly side by side – although I know that is the case sometimes, I find that funny too. When you’re listening back and forth between stations, you really don’t expect that the people talking on the radio are practically right next to each other.

I very much enjoyed the field trip to Amherst Island and Corus Entertainment, it was surprisingly educational and I got to revisit the smallest radio station in Canada. I’m looking forward to our next field trip to Much Music coming up

tumblr_m4j6b72Fof1qfifa7o1_500Guy and girl best friends. Everyone says guys and girls can’t be best friends, unless there’s some odd circumstance, like one of them is gay, they’re related, etc., or they will surely gain attraction to one another.

I understand that it is evolution for females and males to be attracted to one another but it is not inevitable. Yes, most of the time, an attraction on one side or both forms. Most guy friends I’ve had, I’ve sadly ended up rejecting at some point, or even myself gaining an attraction. But that is not 100% of situations.

I’ve always grown up being a tomboy and I’ve always gotten along much better with guys than girls. I often think and even act like a guy, so to all my best male friends, I am one of the guys. My best friend of 4 years is a guy named Cameron, who actually introduces me to people as his brother. Then there is Mike, one of my very best friends, who burps in my face, moons me, asks me for advice on getting girls and asks me to take him Valentines shopping for his girlfriend. I absolutely love Cam and Mike. I can guarantee there’s no sexual attraction there.

For a guy or girl who have a best friend of the opposite sex, this is quite easy to understand. So why do people always see those relationships and judge them, why do the girlfriends and boyfriends of the best friends always get jealous or suspicious? I don’t understand if it’s truly a best friend relationship, why there is any cause for concern? My behaviour between my best friend Mike and my best friend Kayla does not alter at all.

In my personal opinion, I think it’s healthy to have a good friend of the opposite sex, because from time to time, the situation deems I just can’t talk to my girl best friend, or maybe I need a guys point of view for a relationship issue. Did you know it’s scientifically proven that when a girl hugs a guy, his scent subconsciously calms her down?

I believe and support male-female friendships.

images-1Teens today are all about technology. So for my blog this week, I’ve decided to somewhat blend the two topics given by talking about how teens are targeted by markets, through technology.

For starters, most teens nowadays have smart phones, I-Pod Touch’s, Android’s or an I-Phone. Personally, I have an I-Pod Touch and an Android phone. All of the intelligent mobile devices listed have some form of app store, which contains apps for specific stores so a teen can know whats on sale, when there is a promotion, if something’s in stock and receive ads for a particular store or product. A different kind of app teens can get are for deals to several stores or restaurants.

Teens downloading apps are choosing to subject themselves to marketing and advertising, but today you even get texts to your cell phone advertising or promoting a store or product. For example, I am with Virgin Mobile and occasionally get text messages about getting a deal at a store, because Virgin Mobile promotes them.

Everybody knows teens are huge on gossip and spreading the word. Another way marketing targets teens through technology is making an ad or promotion that goes viral. A teen sees a creative ad about a product on Facebook, Youtube or Twitter, they love it and click “Share” or “Retweet” and next thing you know every teen is talking about it.

Even outside walking around, at bus stops or the mall there are ads targeted at teens with a barcode to scan, with an app on their phones of course that takes them directly to a website about that product advertised.