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How Media Influences Me

imagesMedia is absolutely everywhere; we may not realize it most of the time, but it’s all around us. Almost everything we read, hear and pictures we look at conveys a message to us of some sort. We watch television, go on Facebook, Twitter, blogs, read the news paper and magazines, listen to the radio, look at signs and posters and any other means of communication you can think of.

Media has an awesome influence on the world around us. It does things as simple as creating fashion trends, to advertising, to even saving lives. How does media influence me? I’m aware that the media influences how I act, speak, dress, eat and live. Do I wear a light sweater or coat today? The media will tell me in the morning what kind of weather I should expect throughout the day. The media tells me that smoking in several public areas is now illegal, so I’m going to tell my smoker friends to get their butts off the property. I find out that there is a devastating earthquake in Haiti, so I go try and find out what kind of volunteer work I could do to raise relief money. I am even part of the media myself; If I hear that today is a day for breast cancer awareness, I’m going to tweet and status about supporting the cure and spread the word, through media.

I think that media can be both harmful and beneficial. Media can be harmful because it can portray wrong information which ends up misleading and confusing people. Also, even if the information is accurate, it can still be harmful, like an ad for cigarettes thats subtly directed at younger generations, or cyber bullying. Mostly media is beneficial to us and most people do not realize how much we are influenced everyday by the media around us.


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