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images-1Teens today are all about technology. So for my blog this week, I’ve decided to somewhat blend the two topics given by talking about how teens are targeted by markets, through technology.

For starters, most teens nowadays have smart phones, I-Pod Touch’s, Android’s or an I-Phone. Personally, I have an I-Pod Touch and an Android phone. All of the intelligent mobile devices listed have some form of app store, which contains apps for specific stores so a teen can know whats on sale, when there is a promotion, if something’s in stock and receive ads for a particular store or product. A different kind of app teens can get are for deals to several stores or restaurants.

Teens downloading apps are choosing to subject themselves to marketing and advertising, but today you even get texts to your cell phone advertising or promoting a store or product. For example, I am with Virgin Mobile and occasionally get text messages about getting a deal at a store, because Virgin Mobile promotes them.

Everybody knows teens are huge on gossip and spreading the word. Another way marketing targets teens through technology is making an ad or promotion that goes viral. A teen sees a creative ad about a product on Facebook, Youtube or Twitter, they love it and click “Share” or “Retweet” and next thing you know every teen is talking about it.

Even outside walking around, at bus stops or the mall there are ads targeted at teens with a barcode to scan, with an app on their phones of course that takes them directly to a website about that product advertised.


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