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tumblr_m4j6b72Fof1qfifa7o1_500Guy and girl best friends. Everyone says guys and girls can’t be best friends, unless there’s some odd circumstance, like one of them is gay, they’re related, etc., or they will surely gain attraction to one another.

I understand that it is evolution for females and males to be attracted to one another but it is not inevitable. Yes, most of the time, an attraction on one side or both forms. Most guy friends I’ve had, I’ve sadly ended up rejecting at some point, or even myself gaining an attraction. But that is not 100% of situations.

I’ve always grown up being a tomboy and I’ve always gotten along much better with guys than girls. I often think and even act like a guy, so to all my best male friends, I am one of the guys. My best friend of 4 years is a guy named Cameron, who actually introduces me to people as his brother. Then there is Mike, one of my very best friends, who burps in my face, moons me, asks me for advice on getting girls and asks me to take him Valentines shopping for his girlfriend. I absolutely love Cam and Mike. I can guarantee there’s no sexual attraction there.

For a guy or girl who have a best friend of the opposite sex, this is quite easy to understand. So why do people always see those relationships and judge them, why do the girlfriends and boyfriends of the best friends always get jealous or suspicious? I don’t understand if it’s truly a best friend relationship, why there is any cause for concern? My behaviour between my best friend Mike and my best friend Kayla does not alter at all.

In my personal opinion, I think it’s healthy to have a good friend of the opposite sex, because from time to time, the situation deems I just can’t talk to my girl best friend, or maybe I need a guys point of view for a relationship issue. Did you know it’s scientifically proven that when a girl hugs a guy, his scent subconsciously calms her down?

I believe and support male-female friendships.


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