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Field Trip

There several things during last weeks field trip which caught my interest. Of the areas we visited, my favourite would have been CKWS Nws station, but what caught my interest most was a picture that caught my eye at Amherst Island Radio.
The photo that I noticed was of my Grandfather, Gord Struthers and my Uncle Dwayne in the recording room at the station. It reminds me and makes me feel proud of the fact that I had never heard things about or been around the CKWS News station, or really listen to the radio stations hosted out of Corus Entertainment, but have listened to CJAI and been to their events. I pride myself on the fact that while I may not know a lot about the popular, big things around, I do know about the little things noone else knows of.

Another thing I found quite interesting was the news room at CKWS News, I didn’t expect there to be so many cameras and I certainly didn’t expect them to not be manned by camera guys. I find it surprising that there are so little employees needed to operate the news room, it’s almost disappointing that there aren’t more people. At Corus Entertainment, I also found it funny and slightly amusing that two radio stations were in rooms next to each other, seeing as technically they are competing. It’s like two gas stations being perfectly side by side – although I know that is the case sometimes, I find that funny too. When you’re listening back and forth between stations, you really don’t expect that the people talking on the radio are practically right next to each other.

I very much enjoyed the field trip to Amherst Island and Corus Entertainment, it was surprisingly educational and I got to revisit the smallest radio station in Canada. I’m looking forward to our next field trip to Much Music coming up


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