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Spring Break Marketing


Spring break is a huge deal to almost all the age groups. It’s significant to small children, teens in high school, college students, parents, and especially, marketers.

Spring break comes with so much marketing it’s crazy. There are endless vacation deals, sales, promotions, the works. Spring break comes with deals and events for families like discounts on recreation centres, water parks and restaurants. For the average adult without children there are all the store sales. For students, the possibilities expand to halfway across the world, literally. I myself participated this Spring Break in a marketing scheme directed at students and families. I paid $100 to go stay in Niagara Falls at the Ramada Hotel for one night during which we got coupons to several restaurants like Montana’s and IHOP, an arcade, and Mini Putt. In that one March break package deal, there were over ten places marketed to us, not including the enormous coupon book we received, adding to the pile of advertisements thrown at us.

Students love to travel whenever possible, and advertisers, travel companies, hotels and tourist attractions all take advantage of this special week of fun. For families they target spending bonding time together. All students want on their week off school is to forget about their day to day lives and enjoy themselves, get drunk, take pictures, sleep in, make friends, make memories. So to students they target on the “let your hair down” factor, which is exactly what reeled in my friends and I, and thousands, maybe millions of other students.

I enjoyed my march break very much, mostly because I took part in the marketing of Spring break that comes every year. I’m sure that many students experienced regret after spending all their money for a few days of fun, but at least the marketers were successful!


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