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This past Friday, our IMC@SLC class and a few second year IMC students participated in a field trip to Toronto to tour Bell Media and Fuse Marketing and learn about advertising in Toronto.

The first place we went to was Dundas Square, for a scavenger hunt on advertising. The first thing I noticed was how crowded the square was with ads, it’s almost overwhelming. There were mostly posters in the square, but they were larger than life. A few of these were Tim Horton’s, Cadbury and H&M.

One thing I learned from Toronto, in my personal opinion, is that bigger is not always better. There were giant ads in my face the entire time, but to be honest I couldn’t remember any of them until I went back through my pictures. The ads that caught my eye were the creative ones, like the eco-cab advertising Marshalls.

I took away a few things in relation to marketing from our visit to Fuse Marketing. The first thing I noted was the vast amount of areas or fields in marketing and advertising. Another thing I found significant and quite surprising was how short of a time limit there is to create a pitch or campaign. I was also surprised to learn that if there is a competitive pitch and yours is rejected, you gain no profit, if not lose money.

The last big thing I took away from this trip, were the little things. Similar to my earlier point, bigger is not always better. There are so many ways of advertising that I noticed on the trip, that I otherwise would have never noticed, in fact most people probably don’t notice. For example, Fuse was marketing its own name all over the building. There were water glasses, stress balls, you name it. Same goes for MUCH, which had “Like us on Facebook” written right on the admission bands.

All in all, I believe I took a lot away from this field trip, and it was certainly an enjoyable way to learn.


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